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18th February 2023

Plus 8 and dry when driving in.

David Bass and Ciaran Gething were in to ride out a couple of lots.

Todays visitors...

Aria Oram, James Fox, Clyde and Debra Griffin were here for a morming on the gallops and breakfast as booked through CD Tours

Jonnie and David Frith booked through our web site for a moning on the gallops.

Martyn and Sandra Steer-Fowler called in to see their horses Killigarth and Trelawne 

Ian and Pam Farnsworth called in to see their KBRS horse Galante De Romay..

Excellent cricket. England going well..

Giles Wilson died on Thursday evening aged 53..

A really very good friend who has been part of our lives for well over 25 years.

Giles was one of those extraordinary people who loved life, played hard and was loved by everybody who came into contact with him.

I first met Giles through Mikey Elliot who was very friendly with Giles's father Lynn (Lynn and Judy Wilson who had many good horses with NJH..( Greenhope, Barna Boy and Punchestown). 

Giles and I played a great deal of cricket together and from there we became huge friends and when we moved to Preston Capes from Lambourn Giles and Polly were very regular visitors.. so much so that they probably got engaged after another long session of snooker with us.. in fact their friendship was one of the highlights of a difficult period in my life. 
Giles was a true family man and a proper countryman. He loved everything about the countryside.. His generosity was boundless and he had the largest and most diverse group of friends who spanned all around the world, whoever you were and whatever your background..
His great love was fishing and I was lucky enough to spend hours with him on the banks of the river tweed. He loved his shooting and was recognised as one of the best in the country. Giles was into everything sporting and when he set up a WhatsApp group to keep his mates updated on his battle with cancer it was like being on an international sporting directory!
So tough and never for giving in. Giles was more worried about you than what he was going through. 
His wonderful wife Polly is Archie’s godmother and Clare is to their eldest Jack.
Giles you have been an example on how to live life unselfishly to the end, and everybody who ever met you will never forget you. We are honoured to have been a friend. 
Deepest condolences to Polly and their two boys Jack and Max..  His brother Nick and mother Judy..
On that sobering note have a great weekend and see you on Monday.