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18th April 2023

Plus 5 and dry when driving in.

We had an invasion from the Borders this morning when 20 members of the Multiple Sclerosis Racing Syndicate were here second lot for a whistle stop tour of the Cotswolds.

From me they went to visit Ben Pauling and then a days racing tomorrow at Cheltenham… Tour leader was Dibby Dale who is a huge friend of Kate Elliot.. and strangely enough Kate was here to see here KBRS horse Grand Escapade.

David Carey was here second lot to see his horse Brenda's Asking.

Also here was Allan James who called I to see his KBRS horses Does He Know, El Rio, Parc d'Amour, Fair Frontieres, Magical Escape, Mikhailovich, Phantom Getaway and Lets go Amigo

Tuesday is the day the BHA handicap charts appear and this weeks movers and shakers were Equus Dreamer minus 1 to 127 Faerie Cutlass down3 to 87, Halligator up 3 to 110, Mr Grey Sky down 5 to 115, Picks Lad up 4 to 108 and finally Sayadam down 1 to 126.

We also have our usual Tuesday vet visit.

I hope the BHA are robust in their response to all the abuse resulting from Aintree and the Grand National. It is well time we went on the attack and stop being so worried..

All in racing know that we love and look after our horses, but it is time to stop using that as an example all the time..We know that, but the minority just don’t want to listen..Anyway they have no plan as to what they would do with all the horses

I see far too many sights of ill and unhappy horses out in fields while driving round the countryside so can you image that if Animal Rising who are trying to stop our sport win and 50,000 horses are released into the wild!? I bet they being the anti racing brigade won’t make time to look after all those horses and their welfare issues?

A huge thanks for all the emails, text and WhatsApp messages etc.. . Many from people who I have not seen for ages including good old ‘Stoker’.. Yes it so good to be back.

Also in the post yesterday another book to read . This one certainly easier as it has pictures! Title ‘Older, Wiser, Sexier.. sadly there was no note to tell me who sent it? Anyway thanks whoever did.