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18th May 2021

Plus 8 and dry when waking in my hotel in Doncaster..

Records fell on the opening day of the two day Goffs store sales...Again!

Difficult to buy and annoyingly I was underbidder for the two top lots of the day.. both to Paul Nicholls!

We tried,but Paul was not going to give in!

I did buy lot 9.. A lovely athletic gelding..

This weeks movers and shakers in the BHA handicap charts are.. Bobhopeornohope down 2 to 126, Lord Apparelli down 3 to 102, Donnie Brasco down 3 to 105

Sad to read that Joe Mercer has died.. a remarkable jockey who will always be remembered for riding Brigadier Gerard..

We have one runner today at Nottingham.. Diamond Gait heads there for her first day on the grass and flat racing.. For my thoughts please click here. 

No joke today you will be relieved to hear!.. Too late a night?