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18th July 2023

Plus 17 and dry when driving in.

Louise Robinson who runs and owns (with her husband, Peter) Mrs B's favourite restaurant The Old Butchers is currently on holiday in Spain.. They are coming home early because they are melting in 47 degrees!

David Bass was in for a couple of lots this morning.. Fresh from his holidays in Sweden.

Graham Potts, our vet, was in for his Tuesday visit

Archie and I went to London mid morning to meet up with Harry.. It is likely to be the last time they see each other for 9 months as Harry heads back to Sydney early August..

We have one runner tonight at Southwell.. Faerie Cutlass runs in the last race there and for my thoughts please click here.

Though their relationship ended in 1980, Jane Birkin wanted to be close to Serge Gainsbourg in death.

Ten years ago she told an interviewer she hoped she could be buried “in calling distance” of her former lover, who died in 1991.

“But not in his grave,” she clarified. “He’d be frightfully cross. He never liked anybody to pinch his light.”

Rachel Burt gave me this yesterday.

With a little detective work and deep thought, the following facts can make an accurate statement.

Can you figure it out?

22 was a racehorse, and 11 was 12.

2211 race, and 11112!