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19th August 2020

Plus 15 and dry when driving in.. It might not be dry for long.

I hope the owners of Arthurs Sixpence were not dry last night as they had every reason to celebrate after his third win on the trot.. Yesterdays win at Fontwell was by far his most impressive..

Jumping like a buck and while David Bass was asking for a lead he was helped by a loose horse who gave him just that. AS seems to thrive on his races and his confidence is sky high which is all so important. Confidence..

Sadly our other runner Drumreagh did not run well and we will have to find out why as she works far better at home, but the racecourse is where the work should be done and it is not going her way at the moment..

Elation for one set of KBRP owners and disappointment for another..Some would say that’s racing, but personally I hate the downside as I feel so responsible....

Sam T-D who horse was the one that gave AS a lead went to hospital but thankfully was home last night.. Jamie Moore on the other hand was still in hospital..Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery to both...

I don’t think the Tattersalls Derby Sales went as well as they hoped..Whatever.. Mags O’Toole bought me another fine looking horse yesterday A Grey.. we all love a grey.. Lot 15 Tourne Bride..  For sale..

David Bass, Chester Williams and Ciaran Gething were in this morning. We worked a few and gave the odd horse a jump over hurdles on the grass.. I still can't believe it as last week were basking in 34 degrees and since then we have had the best part of 5 and half inches of rain!

John and Mandy Battershall were here third lot with Debbi Roberts to see their KBRP horses Lord Aparelli, Hendra House and Younevercall.

Mary Dulverton and Edward and Nellie Clarkson were here to see 'The Dulverton' string of horses..Happygolucky, Inawhilecrocodile, Sammeo, Sayadam, Talk Of Fame and True Glory. After they went up to Jason Maguire's to see Newtide who is in pre training at Ivy Lodge Farm.

We have two runners today at Stratford. Doctor Haze and Mon Palois and for my thoughts on their chances please click here.

Mrs B rang me on the way home from Fontwell and asked me if I had lost a tooth.. God.. worry.. I looked in the mirror and ran my tongue round my mouth and relied by saying.. I don’t think so…. I think Gilbert had lost a tooth.. puppies do apparently!

There was a possible chance that I could have been fishing on the Alta this week..sadly not.. the miss of a lifetime if you are a fishing person..

Todays non virus video nasty