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21st August 2023

Plus 13 and dry when driving in.

It is what it was?

It was a fun ride and the country enjoyed it all until the final furlong when history will tell you that the last time we won a World Cup was in 1966.

We hate coming second although we were all ready to celebrate, we can’t. . Drown our sorrows yes, but it was fun and far better than we all expected. We should be proud..and say well done Spain?

I was amazed by the response to Saturdays blog..I really did not know how many of you really appreciate what Mrs B does with our ex racehorses or how many of you enjoy reading about what our old racehorses do after they finish their career in racing…

I suppose I should have known as I only have to look at the number of hits the ‘Where are they now’ page gets on a weekly basis.. second only to my blog page (16k a week)

Sheila Mordan sent over this photo of Blazon enjoying his new life..

Diana Moyes sent this email over on Saturday..

‘I have just read todays blog and you mention retired racehorses from your yard. However there has never really been a mention of ones like Doctor Disny who seemed perfectly happy being a general hack. 

He took a little while to get used to the intricacies of being ridden on Dartmoor and hates being ridden with other horses. 

I even managed to ride him into a very small (luckily) bog which I did not know was there.  He got to a bit in the middle, turned around, put his head down, sniffed the offending mass and got us out with no mishaps apart from very messy legs.  Intelligent horse I think even though he was not the greatest at racing!

Michael Parkinson RIP.. what a man and what an interviewer.. click and scroll down to watch some of his best moments..