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18th October 2019

Plus 8 and dry when driving in.

Just under 4 hours ago when driving back from London with Peter Kerr it was raining stair rods. Roads flooded and a good bit of aquaplaning..

Last nights OR dinner was fun. A few old faces (including Jonathan Halsall .. not old).. blasts from the past and some new one. Charlie Fellows being one.

I along with Charlie, Oli Sherwood and Jamie Snowden tried our best to amuse the audience, with the help of Martin Pope of course.

I sat next to the Warden John Moule and Dennis Silk's daughter Alexandra Martin-Zakheim.. honoured seating.

This morning we jumped Prince Llywelyn, What A Baloo and Happygolucky

Planning and the day has finally arrived. Our trip to Sydney to see my son Harry.

The excitement of planning our trip has been marred by the fact that Mrs B will not be joining us.. Us being Archie and my daughter Pandora..

We leave this evening, but sadly it will not be the same with one missing.

Harry has taken his holidays from where he works to organise our trip and be with us and his cousin Clover Wootton has flown over from India to join us..

I was last in Sydney when I was 18 and I will be meeting up with Max Whitby one day next week.

Max and I worked together all those years ago in a restaurant called Harpoon Harry’s (Peter Sidgwick was also there)  ..We are older and the restaurant is no more.. But I am sure we will enjoy going down memory lane...

We used to discuss our dreams after work.. I bored him with horses and dreams of winning the Grand National.. his were to make restaurants into hotels and more..

While I am away Maddie will be in charge of the blog and Mat the jokes.. I look forward to reading daily from down under. The yard will of course be run seamlessly…

To set the tone..

An Australian man and his wife are sitting in the living room.

Bruce says: "Just so you know, Shirl, I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug."

Shirl gets up, unplugs the TV and throws out all his beer.

See you in a couple of weeks time..

To finish Happy Birthday to one of our biggest KBRP owners Vince Burmingham..and one our newest, Sue Maine.