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19th March 2020

Plus 5 and raining when driving in.

Getting up at roughly 5.15 every morning is from now on going to take a very different meaning.

Driving to work to oversee horses that need to be kept safe, but more importantly to oversee how my staff are coping.

Many of my team live in my hostel which sleep 12 and like all student accommodation it is hard to keep clean.

We have industrial cleaners coming in twice a week to try and keep on top of the cleanliness of the hostel, but my staff really do have to try and help themselves by keeping it clean too. Washing hands and general cleanliness now becomes of paramount importance.

Yesterday I started trying to plan what we are going to do and with racing officially shut down until May, but one has to wonder.

Racing in Ireland has been allowed to carry on behind closed doors which gave way to the thought that we would have loads of runners at Punchestown, but you only had to read the second paragraph to see that runners from abroad were not going to be allowed.

As we all know the reason for racing to close was because medical staff did not feel that their attendance on a racecourse could be justified while this pandemic raged..

Thank you for all the kind messages of support and the general wish is that I should keep the blog going which of course I will..

It might be hard to think of topics to write about but providing I am healthy I will do my best.

Maddie is now working from home and thankfully we have a computer system that Maddie and Sandie and I can all work together without being in the same room, let alone in the same country..which by the way we are..

Sad to read that Reg Lomas has died.. a remarkable man and a brilliant groundsman. Alos a top bloke..

Yes today is Thursday and as you all know it is our easy day..All the horses are being ridden out as normal.

We have no runners today so need for my thoughts.. that should save a few pennies.

Archie ends school so Clare and I will be picking up his things. I don’t see him going back until September.. I am sure he like many kids of his age will be delighted with the thought, but he just might find life at home very different to what he is used to..No mates allowed and who knows, he might become a professional gardener!!

If I am going to keep the blog going please help with some useful and amusing jokes.. send them over..

Steve Winter sent these little know facts..

Apparently Greece is running out of hummus and taramasolata due to stock piling.
Economists are predicting a double dip recession.

Germany is now advising people to stock up on cheese and sausages. This is the Wurst Käse scenario