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19th June 2017

Plus 15 and dry when driving. It was scorcher yesterday and will be again today and for most of this week.

Norman Carter was here second lot to see his flat horse Sunblazer canter and then we headed down to the fields to see his filly Diamond Gait who along with  his KBRP horse Milord is currently on holiday and out at grass.

Holidays are always good for the soul but walking around the fields looking at our horses enjoying their summer break over the weekend was not much fun as the horse flies are now out in force.

These flies bite and annoy the horses so much that they become restless and some go mad with frustration and gallop around the field to avoid them. We have field shelters to try and help the situation but it is like making a horse drink water.. they seem to avoid going in them.

Cricket is a summer game and I was watching one game yesterday morning being played in Dumbleton and then home to catch the India/Pakistan final at the Oval. What a game and what celebrations for the winning Pakistan side.. Yet again the least fancied team won.

Off to see Michael and Mary Dulverton’s horses out in their fields later.

Royal Ascot starts tomorrow and their week starts with a select horse sale in London tonight. It seems that there are now sales during or before all the big meetings whether it be Cheltenham, Aintree or Punchestown..

Well done to Bill Foylan who ran a Cheltenham Challenge half marathon trail run yesterday in memory of his friend for Angela James.. Not a great day to be running in all that heat.. I am sure Bill is feeling full of life this morning..

There is not much to laugh about at the moment..... Try this..