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20th July 2017

Plus 15 and raining when driving in. Much needed rain too.

Uttoxeter was busy for a mid week meeting. Forgotten Hero looked incredibly well before the race (Stevie Broadhurst deservedly won best turned out) ran well to finish second.

Yes I hate seconds but this race proved that FH is going the right way. He is far from an easy ride and it again showed why David Bass is such an asset to the yard as knowing how hard FH can pull he managed to settle him…sadly and annoyingly they found one too good when it came the important end of the race.

Although his owners Julie and David Martin  were not able to be there we were delighted with FH's run and now he qualifies for a handicap mark.. over 115?

A good journey home and Peter and Lavinia Sidgwick for supper.

Fenella Tillier was here third lot this morning. Fenella has shares in the KBRP horses Deseray and Kayf Storm..

Well the BBC have certainly opened a can of worms by telling the world how much they pay their top people. I was disappointed to see that Clare Balding earns as little as she does considering she fronts all the good sporting programmes on BBC television and don't forget her ramblings on Radio 4.. Anyway she earns slightly more than fellow rambler Teresa May.. Perhaps we would all benefit form a role reversal.

I put on here yesterday that we were looking for an experienced amateur jockey for this coming winter season and the replies have been good and some interesting CVs have been sent over.....

Dear Ms Bailey,

I have followed your extremely successful and dynamic training operation for many years. I am a young, very impressionable, slightly unreliable and rather cocky french amateur jockey.

I am based in the south of France at the infamous training centre of "Le Piss Le Take". It is very beautiful here. The bars are open all day, and we have Pastis for breakfast. Is that the same as "Pasties" that you have in your country ?

I am keen to learn more about English girls. I am not keen on getting up early, but I'm sure you won't hold that against me. I understand that you are "Mayor of Cheltenham, Northleach and Wheatsheaf." And have good local contacts for introducing me to fine restaurants and bars. And English girls.

Can I please come for trial period ? I don't expect to have rides in races every day as some days I have the hang over. I will ride at Cheltenham Festival please. And maybe in Grand National but only after long and liquid lunch.

I look forward to meeting you Ms Bailey (Kim is pretty English girl's name by the way).

A bientot,

Georges Boulanger

The above will be enjoyed by Alan Thomas who sent me an email yesterday complimenting me on my ring master abilities when it comes to employing riders/jockeys who wear jodhpurs.

By the time you read this the first players will have teed off in The Open.. raining there too.

George Mullins transport dropped a new horse to the yard early this morning.. The horsebox left Ireland last night went via N,T-D, here, N Mulholland and then it was picking up a polo team and taking them down to the South Of Spain near Gibraltar.. and then back to Ireland..

10 years ago today we had 80 mm of rain and the whole area was flooded..

To finish .. Happy birthday to Compton Hellyer.. owned 10% of Docklands Express..