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20th August 2019

Plus 7 (yes 7) when driving in. Autumn must be here..

Also here this morning was Ciaran Gething.. Riding out a couple of lots..

Michael and Mary Dulverton's Talk Of Fame and Happygolucky returned to the yard after spending time doing a bit of pre training with Lucy Jackson.. They look well.

Tuesday vet visit..David Blakey was in this morning.. Graham Potts is away.

Sandra Steer-Fowler called in to see her horse Cinderbella..

I was interested that some of you picked up on the fact that Mat is away for three days on a First Aid Course..

Every business has to have a first aider for those times when help is needed; Mrs B and now Mat (when he finishes his course) are the yards first aiders.. Mrs B heads off for a refresher course next month.

Anyway the point of the line is obvious when you read that the NHS is thinking of closing the A&E department of out local Cheltenham Hospital…

Our local MP Alex Chalk has starting a petition to try and keep it open.. so please sign the form if you can.. all signatures welcome.

Ben Hastie and his team of Cheltenham Racecourse ground staff have finished rebuilding our schooling fences and what a great job they have done too.

Ben and his team have just finished a walk 102 miles to Bath along the Cotswold Way in aid of Racing Welfare. Not too late to sponsor them..

It is World Photography day.. Ben Hastie is not a bad photographer nor is racings Edward Whitaker.. His year in the frame is worth clicking on..

Mat said that humour was in short supply on yesterdays first aid course..Apparently his suggestion that Chinese burns were a form of burn was not acceptable..

Trials faced by undertakers.

One arrived at a grieving home to collect a corpse and found two sons next to a sofa where their father’s body lay.

The team went to lift the cadaver, which suddenly started coughing.

It transpired they were supposed to collect the mother of the house, who was in bed upstairs.

The funeral director thought this was an understandable error.

“She looked better than he did,” he explained.

To finish.. The Last Samuri is really enjoying his new career.. He won his first rosette on Sunday at a fun ride at Highclere.. #topteam..