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19th December 2022

Plus 12 and dry when driving in. GOOD NEWS... all the snow has gone..

It started to thaw yesterday morning and with rain around, the country has started to go green again and the floods are now appearing.. One excuse after an another!

It is all happened in racing over the weekend ..Frankie Dettori is taking a year to retire.. He will milk it for all the right reasons touring around the racing world where he has and is a celebrity jockey.. Why not.. To see the great man ride is a joy.

Talking Joy, Davy Russell has done it the old fashioned way.. Rode a winner and announced that he too was going to stop riding.. he will look back on some wonderful moments in a great riding career, and one we have all admired.. Davy is a gent and always had time for folk…. I remember him saying Hi to Archie while he rode round the parade ring at Cheltenham.. Archie had only met him once.. he as rightly gobsmacked.

Then the other side of the coin.. Gavin Hunter who used to train when I was first started training in East Ilsley, died over the weekend.. He has been in South Africa for many years as a stipendiary steward but had recently moved back to Newmarket. ….

I always remember Gavin cantering his two year olds on the roads around Peasemore and West Ilsley to harden their shins.. he said they would win that when nobody else would run (on firm ground at Bath) and they would and then he would sell them on to the USA after they had.. It was a very lucrative business for him for many years.

What can I say about the weekend sport.. Cricket good, but the World Cup final was, for somebody who is not that keen on football, just brilliant.. what a fabulous game and one I wont forget in a hurry.

Cricket.. On Saturday night Archie and I watched Ben Stokes Phoenix from the Ashes..Brilliant

Monday morning brings John and Veronica Full to see their KBRS horses Shantou Express and Parc d'Amour and their Real Treasure horse Trelawne.

We had hoped for a couple of runners today... BUT..Racing at Lingfield is off..We would not race here either.. no snow but frozen ground..

Andrew Pease sent this one over..Topical?

A Wife asked her Husband to fix the dripping tap

He replied I am not a plumber

She then asked him to fix her car 

He replied I am not a mechanic

She then asked him to fix her hair dryer

He replied I am not an electrician

When he came home from work she said that the chap next door had done all the jobs for her, in return she could bake him a cake or sleep with him.

Her husband asked what cake did you bake him

She replied I am not a baker !!!