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20th April 2022

Plus 5 and dry when driving in.

Worcester last night was quiet by their standards..

The ground as nearly good.. their cause not helped but not being able to water recently as their pump had broken. So good on the recently watered grass which looked very green.

The course faced another problem last night when the open ditch could not be fully moved off the course as the hitch broke..This meant that they could not position the third last so it was not there to be jumped..Makes a change from the low sun excuse!

Both the hurdle and chase track use the same part of the course, which is a good idea as it helps with the watering, but when you have an obstacle left behind it narrows the course..

Shinobi’s owners enjoyed their evening and said the food in the owners and trainers was much improved… Shinobi ran ok, but needs to come down a few pounds..

I had an interesting call yesterday from the man who runs Mr T the dry cleaners in Ross on Wye.. He said that a man unfortunately took the wrong jacket from his cleaners, but he could not get hold of him to tell him..he knew this chap had a share in a horse here so rang me for help... if you are that man I suggest you go back to Mr T's and collect your correct jacket!

David Bass was in this morning .

John and Laura Garrett were here mid morning to see their horses The Bull McCabe, Captain Rose and their KBRS horses Fair Frontieres, Gerard Mentor, Chazza and Magical Escape.

We have one runner today at Ludlow.. Sayadam runs there and our last runner of the season. For my thoughts please click here.

Jockeys have gone on strike because of the new whip rules.. Are we looking into the future or is it really happening.. Click here