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21st May 2019

Plus 7 and dry.

I left early to Doncaster sales.

There all day and again tomorrow.. and Thursday,.

No vet here this morning.. and this weeks movers and shakers in the BHA charts are…?

We have just the one runner tonight at Huntingdon. Thibault heads there and for my thoughts on his chances please click here.

Sky.. nearly 90 minutes on the phone late yesterday morning sorting my accounts.. by the time I finished I had saved about £100.00 a month on my subscriptions.. I have 4..Suggest you do the same ever 18 months.. not every 5 years !! Sadly we dont have strong enough internet to move to their broadband..

Some idiot just knocked on my door and said, “According to our records you haven’t got a T.V. licence.”

I said, “I haven’t got a T.V.”

He said, “But you’ve got a aerial on your roof.”

So I said, “I’ve got a pint of milk on my doorstep; it doesn’t mean I’ve got a cow in the back garden!”

The end of a sporting era. Niki Lauda has died aged 70.. A true sporting great..