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21st May 2020

Plus 11 and dry when driving in.

It was certainly a hot one yesterday.. But it was lovely walking round the fields looking at the horses last night when it became cooler..

Here is the provisional time line for the resumption of racing..

All the horses that we have brought in this week have now had their shoes on and are now being ridden.

We do not do road work with our horses anymore. For two reason .. Firstly the roads are not safe and secondly and more importantly veterinary evidence is that it almost does more harm than good trotting round the roads… The idea that it hardens the legs is basically wrong....

Mat had a laugh yesterday when one of the people we employ on a casual basis asked if the impending tie up with Oliver Sherwood was going to make a difference to her job…

April 1st was several weeks ago?... Mat was not sure how to answer..

Archie in charge of the BBQ last night.. Thanks John and Laura for your parcel..

Jane Barran's poem..Oh Yes, oh Yes, The bloody Press!

We’re tired of tales of strife and stress.

We’re bored with all their gloom and doom.
(For joy they simply have no room)

Their only care is selling space

To be first in the 'bad news' race.

Blow the BBC

Blast the ITV and their determined aim to blame,

To slur, to slight and to shame

The poor government's sore plight.

For, strive and struggle as they might,

It's still a territory new,

This deadly and illusive flu.

All we wish for on our screen

Is change, with optimistic beam;

Some ray of light to give us hope -

And confidence that we can cope.

But No, Oh No The bloody Press
(For didn't they create this mess?)

The pain, the strain,

They complain in vain

They carry on with ne'er a doubt,

Despite the fact we scream and shout

And pray for peace and beg for cheer.

But No, my friends, they do not hear.

They do not heed our message clear.

What can we do but make more fuss

And then, with luck, they'll take note of US.

On that happy note..

Todays non virus video nasty..