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21st May 2022

Plus 14 and dry when driving in.

I attended Edward Bowen-Jones memorial service at Northleach yesterday..I sat between two racing men.. Philip Hobbs and Jim Wilson..Little Owl fame

Edward was very much a local man and a hugely popular husband to Victoria

Edward's funeral was during lockdown when only 6 people could attend... Yesterday almost two noughts were added to the total of those there to enjoy his service and celebrate his life.

It was a wonderful service full of glowing tributes.. Nigel Twiston-Davies spoke well and gave an excellent eulogy, while Edwards's son Rowley and friend Dolly Maude both read. The pig and the Inebriate was read by Peregine Towneley..

Last night at Worcester Imperial Icon did not look happy and is now retired and will now be rehomed..

David Bass and Ciaran Gethings were in this morning.. Not much happening bar admiring my new horses..

Allan and Sally James, Gillian Clough, Garry and Tracy Betley and John and Pat Lee were all here third lot to see their horse out in the fields..

We have two runners tonight at Stratford. Shantou Express and Gerard Mentor.. For my thoughts on their chances please click here.


One evening last October, when I was far from sober- And dragging home a load with manly pride My feet began to stutter and I fell down in the gutter And a pig came up and parked right by my side

Then I mumbled, "It's fair weather when good comrades get together" Till a lady passing by was heard to say, "You can tell a man that boozes by the playmates that he chooses" Then the pig got up and slowly walked away

I began to scratch the gravel, on my all fours I did travel, I rambled down the road the best I could, When I awoke next morning, just as the day was dawning, I was in a hog pen away out in the woods Then the hogs began to grumble, I started and I stumbled I fell right in their midst and there I lay Then one by one they started, till all the herd departed Yes, every hog got up and walked away

Now lately I've been thinking that I will quit my drinking I'm going to leave off whiskey, beer and grog For there's no consolation, but only aggravation You can't even find friendship with a hog.....Listen