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20th July 2022

Oops sorry for the late blog, I had actually forgotten it was my day!!

Plus 21 when driving in this morning, arriving to a very hot baking office, pleased to have not been in here yesterday. 

David, Ciaran and all the staff in this morning back at it for the new season. 

Typically british.... yesterday was ridiculous heat wise, very difficult to work in if you didn't have air conditioning. The staff were in early to get the horses out when the temperatures were sightly cooler. 

I spent the day sitting in front of a fan whilst painting nails. I always wonder how people work in the heat in these hot countries. Take a brit abroad and they'll lay out in the baking heat not a bother, ask them to work in the heat and all you'll hear is complaints... maybe it's something to do with the work ethic rather than the temperatures....

Anyway back to it, plenty to be getting on with in the office, the Owners Lunch invitations went out on Monday so I'll be sifting through replies. I am also putting the new season brochure together, one of my favourite jobs.....joking aside, I do like to hear about the horses and their plans for the season when Matt and Kim dictate their thoughts. I also like that we get to promote local business' with adverts, I have been making contact with many in the hope that they will collaborate. 

I can't leave without another restaurant recommendation, this time one which is not to far away. I enjoyed a great night and food with a stunning view at The Mount Inn courtesy of Cathy T-D who organised a suprise engagement party for me.