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22nd November 2017

Plus 13 and dry when driving in.

It took just under 4 hours from Thorndale to seat at the City Ground, the home of Nottingham Forest. 4 Hours..

I so nearly turned back, but the traffic going the other way was just as bad. Nick Cook who obviously had a long lunch at The Old Butchers rang Mat to see if I was suitably attired in my tweed suit.. that was about the only amusing part of the journey

Mat and I missed the Sponsors hospitality which was annoying, but having said that our table did not exist which considering Peter Kerr had rung to remind them yesterday afternoon was slightly annoying.. mind you..if we had been there.

Our seats were behind a glass screen, which I assume was to protect us, but it made the game feel strange as there was not atmosphere and it felt like we were watching the proceedings on a big screen in a cinema.. occasionally the speakers picked up clapping when somebody kicked the ball in the right direction.

Our sponsored player took less exercise that we did walking to the ground from the car park and the game frankly was like watching a bad game of chess until the last 15 minutes when the game suddenly came alive when Forest scored.. yes they won 1/0 against Norwich..

The drive home was not a great deal better .. the M1 was closed but it only took just over 3 hours from bar to bed.

Racing news.. David Bass rode and jumped Coneygree yesterday at Newbury Racecourse.. David said it was a joy.. like driving a Ferrari and Rolls Royce all in one.. Not sure how he could use that analogy as he is most unlikely to drive either.. against his principles to be seen in either to start with.

The BHA have announced that all trainers must declare the fact that their horses have had a wind operation.. Great news I hear you say..

It does not worry me that I have to announce it.. I can only assume it is for the punters of this world (racing is run for them?) but my it will confuse them when they realise that most horse don’t improve for a wind operation.. Anyway I am sure the bookies will benefit.. which will be good for racing!

What next.. declaring whether you run your horse in aluminium shoes or steel shoes.. one is much lighter than the other.. .. Ear plugs to be declared next?  By the time the BHA have finished with us we will be ticking more boxes than just the one for declaring horses…

Wednesday morning and David Bass was in.

We jumped Abbreviate, Bandon Roc, Ben Arthur, Biscuit, Braw Angus, Cracked Rear View, Dandy Dan, First Flow, Harry Topper, Johnny Ocaean, Little Chunk, Milord, Robin The Raven, Silver Kayf, Statin Master, The Drinkymeister, Thumb Stone Blues and Vinndication.

A video of the horse working and cantering can be seen here and a video of some of the horses schooling here.

John and Laura Garrett were here third lot to see their KBRP horse Red River and their new horse  Commodore Barry (one share for sale left) and their Racing For Maggies horses Another Venture and Biscuit.

We have four runners today. Doctor Haze, Glenforde and Alfies Choice at Chepstow and Sunblazer at Kempton tonight and for my thoughts on their chances please click here.. I am heading to Chepstow and not Kempton as I am driving one of the horses.

One of my owners has 2 x Premier lounge tickets for Betfair Chase at Haydock this Saturday going spareā€¬. £54 each. Please ring Peter on 07901763643 if you would like to buy them ..

Paul Mulgrew  sent this one over.. it was a cutting from his paper.. The Sun?

A wife got so mad at her husband that she packed his bags and told him to get out

As he walked out of the door she yelled ‘I hope you die a long, slow and painful death.’

He turned round and said ‘So you want me to stay?’

To finish.. Tonight The Ashes start.. Crickets finest series and the slagging has started.. Exciting stuff, and by this time tomorrow more will be revealed... Cant wait.. Bring it on.. We are ready