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22nd January 2022

Plus 2 and dry when driving in.

That hurt…

Yes you might well ask why, but finishing second with Queenohearts really did hurt, not because she was beaten on the nod, but because all the hard work and effort by all here to get her there means many don't appreciate when you finish second.

Yes of course I know it was a huge training performance by all here and huge patience from her owners who probably thought her career was over after having leg problems..We are so proud of her.. She is tough, honest and determined..

But thanks to her owners patience, Jason Maguire’s water treadmill, Will who rides her out most days, Ciaran Gething who was unable to ride her yesterday but rode all her work and of course the work Laura Collett put in with her jumping, she so nearly pulled of the moment of our season..

But..Sadly her defeat rather sums up our season!!!!..

Look on the bright side .. Queenohearts ran a cracker and we are hugely proud of her… what do I say.. Bugger!! The good news is that she seems fine this morning.

More of a bugger was the ridiculous decision by Market Rasen to keep holding inspections when frankly racing surely had no chance of going ahead because of frost..11.30 was their last call and it took until nearly 12pm to announce their abandonment ..

Ciaran Gething who was due to ride my two runners at MR rang before the result of the inspection to say that it was still frozen in the shaded areas of the course..

I am sorry, but Market Rasen called it wrong and because of that owners were pissed off and costs incurred.. John Perriss and I were 45 minutes away.. Nannette Sellars who has yet to see her horse Flirtatious Girl run (due to last years covid ) was 20 minutes away..

Both owners are going to receive a bill for transport and staff costs, but the saving grace for them is that they don’t have to pay their jockey fees (which must be wrong)..

Yes a wasted day and I am sorry for Ciaran who should have been at Lingfield to ride Queenohearts but was retained to ride at MR for Stuart Edmonds and my two horses.. Racecourses need to make decisions earlier.. two inspection not 3?

John Perriss and I watched the race while having lunch on the way home.. we shouted, but to no avail..!

Enough said..

Saturday morning.

David Bass, Ciaran Gethings and Harrison Beswick were in this morning.

We had Sue and Graeme Brown here for a morning on the gallops as booked through CD Tours.

They were joined by Peter Jones, Mark Francis, James and Ruth Coxon.. And Stewart and Bev Wright who were here to see their KBRS horses Phantom Getaway, Charming Getaway and Tantoli..Gary and Tracy Betley were here to see their KBRS horse Phantom Getaway. David Molineux was here to see his KBRS horse Firth Of Gold..Breakfast for all after..

We have one runner today and two tomorrow.. First Flow runs at Ascot today. Tomorrow Two For Gold heads to Lingfield while Lady Of The Night heads to Warwick and for my thoughts on all their chances please click here.

Meat Loaf..

When Marvin Aday was 13 years old, he clumsily trod on the foot of his American football coach who, in the anger of the moment, turned on the overweight boy and called him a “meat loaf”. The jibe was taken up by his classmates and when he turned up at school the next day, the name had been daubed on his locker.

Recognising that there was no point in protesting against the innate cruelty of adolescent boys, Aday stoically accepted the nickname and set about turning it to his advantage, creating the brash, larger-than-life personality that would in adulthood make Meat Loaf one of the biggest-selling names in American rock music.

I recall seeing him live in Oxford many years ago ..

Mikey Elliot took a team of us to see him perform live in Oxford .. Great show.. I had missed a couple of nights sleep (not sure why??) and as a result fell asleep in row 2..Hard to believe I know, especially when you know how much noise Bat Out Of Hell made, but sleep took over..

I awoke to find the great man standing above my chair with sweat pouring down on me… yes it was an hugely embarrassing moment!!!.. Worse than being called on stage by Dame Edna Everage

Dont forget to go to the Cocklebarrow races tomorrow.. Pony races start the day at 10.30.. A must visit if you are in the Cotswold this weekend..It is a huge day out..

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday..