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23rd January 2023

Minus 2 and dry when driving in..

I have to say the abandonment of Lingfield yesterday really did frustrate me…

We have been watching the weather forecast all week and although we though Saturday night was going to be the coldest of the week, we were hopeful that the reports for a precautionary Lingfield were correct..That it just might be on..

Races for Two For Gold just do not grow on tress.. He needs the softest ground you can get and 2 miles 6 furlongs, so Lingfield’s Fleur De Lys Chase, which he won last year, was the most suitable race for him.

TFG's whole season has been planned around this race.. Yes bloody frustrating, especially as it was such a valuable race... £165,000 added..

OK I know we had to win it, but the race conditions were so suitable.. It would be brilliant if they could reschedule, but selfishly the race would want to be staying at Lingfield ..

Equally frustration for Phantom Getaways owners .. The PG Tipsters were so looking forward to seeing their boy perform too.

To add to the woes of training.. Market Rasen rescheduled their fixture from last week for tomorrow, but that failed to pass their ground inspection yesterday too.. Had they misread the forecast when rescheduling?

After Archie had finished his Gloucester Cricket training in Bristol, Clare, Archie and I called in later afternoon to see how Cocklebarrow was getting on .. It was an unique event.. The first race meeting held without any horses..

There was a huge crowd of people enjoying a well organised last minute event. Bike racing, Terrier racing and various other races to keep the 'punters' amused, and then there was a heated tent with bar and entertainment..

One sponor Duncan Bailey (Cothill) asked Michael Wills, the organiser, if there was any point coming.. Michael replied 'do you go to Henley to watch the rowing?'.. Duncan was there yesterday with his team..

Cocklebarrow Races will now take place on Sunday the 29th.. With horses!

Sad to read that Cath Walwyn has died.. A remarkable woman..94.. Wife of the legendary Fulke Walwyn..She was the power behind the throne at Saxon House.. Great interview with Julian Wilson and Fulke Walwyn.

Predictable news? Worcester..

Busy here this morning with guests for 'a morning on the gallops and breakfast'..

Ric and Rachel Crawford, James Doyle and Maria Doyle, Gill Bolter, Jon Bolter, Hannah Lloyd, Scot Lloyd, Jan Lewis and Liz Rhys.

Window for change!?

Please note any participants that have entered our 5 to follow competition, the window will open for one week on Monday 23rd January to change your horses. If for any reason you have trouble doing so, please let us know

"You were going 40 in a 30," said the policeman, rubbing his hands together in the freezing cold.

"I wasn't, actually. I was going 30," I assured him.

"What makes you so sure of that?" he asked.

"Look at my dashboard," I replied, "it says -10."