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22nd May 2023

Plus 7 and dry when driving in. It looks like a dry week ahead.. and according to the long range forecast, which we all know is always right, we have 6 weeks of warm weather coming our way from Africa..

Uttoxeter on Saturday night was busy and we were delighted with the way Espoir De Romay ran. He finished 3rd in what was a competitive handicap hurdle and at 10/1 he was very good value for a placing. It was good to see him enjoying his racing and jumping and he will now have a summer break.

Uttoxeter surprised us with how good the ground was.. They have a fairly new clerk of the course and it takes time for them to bed in with trainers… On Saturday’s evidence Richard Fothergill will do well.. BUT as we all know that trust can be broken as we have seen from others who started well and then fell in line with the idea that racecourses need runners and it is easier to say it is good ground when it is not!

Mat is still making me look unbelievably sound.. He hobbled around like an old man yesterday.. You would have thought at his age he would be able to take a game of football.. especially when he runs most nights. He has twice been seen in the local garage buying ibuprofen tablets..

It has been a good weekend for me as I was able to drink my first can of larger.. while watching EDR at Uttoxeter..

Flat no fizzy drinks have been just about bearable, but after a week off antibiotics my taste buds are slowly returning.. not on the wine yet, but it is only a matter of time?... Interestingly my face recognition on my phone for some reason won’t...

Moving on.. Phil Andrews's Dandy Dan won a point to point in Wales and Inca Rose was third.. Both ridden by Lauren Keen Hawkins..

We have one runner today at Ffos Las.. Hope the ground there will be as forecasted!!.. Anyway Halligator runs there and for my thoughts please click here.

I was sent a joke on Saturday night that was probably never going to make the blog.. Anyway yesterday the sender of the joke said sorry.. you should never try typing a joke when you have had too much to drink... It was not so funny on Sunday morning when you re read!

Talking jokes.. Have you ever tried to avoid a speeding fine??

'I was going up to my parents house doing like 90 mph on this country road and I got pulled over.
This cop, gets out of his car, he kind of swaggers on over and he's like "young lady I've been waiting for you all day"
So I looked up at him and I said, "I'm so sorry officer I got here as fast as I could!"