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22nd June 2020

Plus 11 and dry when driving in. After a wet week we look like having a heatwave..

Fathers day yesterday was a special family day. We started the day off with a visit to Clare’s parents, along with her brother Michael and family.. and a gift for Freddie..

Then Clare, Archie and I, plus dogs, headed to Shefford Woodlands for lunch with my daughter Pandora and husband James.. great BBQ James..

Looking back on last week you have to say that racing held its head high thanks to the excellent coverage from ITV Racing. Excellent racing..Ascot executives and team also need a huge pat on the back..

Even so I was surprised when I received a phone call yesterday morning from Nigel Clymow saying that, through a friend, they had become glued to my daily blog and through my repeated admiration of ITV racing they watched racing.

They were not lovers of racing and admitted they did not watch it as a sport. But so impressed were they and the fact that they knew Oli Bell was a part owner of mine (Two For Gold) they asked me to say a big thanks.. I suggested an email so that I could pass on..

’I write to ask that you forward my sincere thanks and congratulations to the whole team involved in the coverage of the Royal Ascot Meeting 2020 under such very difficult circumstances.

The snippets of information regarding the Handlers at the start, the different bridles and bits used and their function, confirmation of horses, breeding etc were all extremely interesting to those not involved daily but love horses and watching horse racing.  The interviews with owners was well done.  In fact no fault can be found with any part.

Everyone deserves a huge pat on the back and satisfaction in knowing what pleasure was given to those watching at home.  I apologise to those I have not mentioned, including the jockeys, amongst others.

To close, I also thank you, for the Kim Bailey Daily Blog, for starting our day with a smile and which we look forward to reading every morning.’’ Nigel and Ann Clymow

Desert Island Disc and Mark Johnson..

Monday morning and some very fresh horses.. Monday morning routine..

Sandie Wilkinson, my accounts secretary also returned to Thorndale.. It was Sandie’s first day back in the office since the country went into lockdown..Welcome back Sandie.. I know you have been hard at work from home, but it was very good to see you again..

Sandie was on the button very quickly when we shut down.. so much so that other trainers secretaries were ringing her for advice on all the government's measures of help.

Yesterdays Sunday message to my owners..

Paddy, has just got his 2nd question right on who wants to be a millionaire and is now on £200.

Here is the 3rd question.

Who was the great train robber?

was it.


Paddy says “well chris, i’ve had a lovely time and im going to take the £200.”

Chris says “are you frigging stupid?

You have all your lifelines left”

Paddy replies “I might be stupid, but im not a bloody grass!”

Todays non virus video nasty..