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22nd August 2016

Plus 16 and damp when driving in.

Dark in the mornings now and dark early in the evenings.. Winter is on the way.

Well its all over and what a fabulous couple of weeks the Rio Olympics have been.

Team GB have broken all records and god they have been good.

It has been a delight to watch and we all have so many wonderful memories to keep us going over the coming winter months. Hockey, Murray, Skelton, Wiggins, Trott, Farah but Bolt was the superstar.. ..The games are going to miss we will.

But a big thanks to them all for all their hard work, dedication and determination, it really has been a thrill to have been there... through Clare Balding and her fellow commentators on the BBC.

My old county Northants won the T20 blast finals on Saturday and Tony Solomons, who has Gaelic Myth and half of Harry Topper here, won the Group 2 Darley Prix Kergorlay in Deauville with his horse Nearly Caught yesterday; trained by Hughie Morrison.

A Great result for Tony who is my longest serving owner.. Tony started having horses with me in my third season as a trainer and has never missed a season since.. Gold Medal stuff?

Spa Services here to repair the yard drying machine. Putting crash helmets in it does not do the machine any good!!! Not happy..

Monday morning fresh horses.

The Olympics are over and the medals have been given out.. On that note John Cootes sent this one over...

A man was out shopping in Rio and discovers a new brand of Olympic condoms. Clearly impressed, he buys a pack.

Upon getting back to his hotel he announces to his wife the purchase he just made.

"Olympic condoms?", she blurts, "What makes them so special?"

"There are three colors", he replies, "Gold, Silver and Bronze."

"What color are you going to wear tonight?", she asks cheekily.

"Gold of course", says the man proudly.

The wife responds wryly, "Why don't you wear Silver? It would be nice if you came second for a change."

Happy birthday to Rupert Wakley..Ex jockey (for me) and now boss of KF in Stow on the Wold.