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21st August 2019

Plus10 and dry when driving in.

There is nothing I enjoy more than walking round the fields looking at my youngsters..Babies..

Last night was no exception.. Lovely as these horses are it is nearly time for them to start work. Time to start turning good looking horses into good racehorses? Dreams....The future..

David Bass and Tom Bellamy were in this morning for a couple of lots.

Peter and Lois Burke with daughter Laura and grand children Georgie and Charlotte  was here third lot to see the KBRP horse Yeaveing Belle.. A family day out?

We had another vet visit early this morning.

Archie’s racing pony has to have a nasal swab 4 days before it runs to see if he carries the dreaded flu virus.. He runs at Southwell on Monday. He ran last week, and the week before; he has been swabbed every time..

One would assume the BHA, in their wisdom, would know that these ponies once swabbed are very unlikely to carry the virus, but it is a BHA ruling that every time they run they have to be swabbed..

Frankly the cost of calling a very out every time it runs and sending the swab to Newmarket is a bit excessive?

Some of you will be pleased to know that the gallop camera is back working.. The problem was a home based one this time..

A tidy office is good news, but this time we managed to dislodge a wire that goes into the main box.. Sorry.. no more dusting..

Clare and I popped down to Taunton yesterday lunch time to watch Archie play cricket.. he is down there most of the week playing in a cricket festival.. We arrived to watch him bowl 3 fiery overs and then the game was over. They lost!

It is all happening in Yorkshire this week..

Cricket.. The Third Ashes Test starts tomorrow at Headingley...without Steve Smith

York Races .. the best racing in the North..

Mat finishes his First Aid course today and we all have to hope he passes his exam.. if he fails he will have to do it all again…. Plenty on his mind at the moment as he takes possession of his new house on Friday..

Humour on a First Aid course…

Much talk of funerals and of some other unfortunate graveside incidents..

The rabbi of Maidenhead has often struggled with the deceased’s music requests, particularly in the days of CDs when mistakes were common.

At one funeral, the departed was a Queen fan who wished to be buried to the strains of We Are the Champions.

Regrettably, someone got the wrong track number and the congregation heard Another One Bites the Dust.