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22nd November 2022

Plus 3 and dry when driving in.

That was a better day.. The Edgar Wallace was second at Kempton and Gerard Mentor won at Ludlow..

Ludlow..When I arrived it was so wet that the ground oozed water..The top of the ground was saturated and water was lying on the course.. Old fashioned sloppy stuff..

An inch of rain fell during racing at Ludlow yesterday!!.. Madness.

Time to escape and that I did as standing around in the wet was not an option.. Thankfully Richard Chugg had asked me to join his box as Weatherby’s Hamilton were sponsoring.. Warm, dry and good company..

It was dark and so wet by the last race that for a second I though we were in for yet another abandoned race..

My owners were understandably not keen to stand in the paddock and drown, but they did..

Frankly we were not sure that Gerard Mentor would like conditions, but I stressed to the jockey Kai Lenihan that he had to hold him up and hope they went too fast and stopped and then he might cruise through to win.

Instructions are one thing but implementation is an another and give Kai his due he did just that. They won easily..

Kai has now ridden GM three times and won on him three times.. GM has won four times this season.. Nearly ready for a photo on the office wall?

Thrilled for Gwen Meacham whose colours GM ran in and thrilled for fellow owners John and Laura Garrett and Peter and Fiona Woodhall..Gwen, John and Fiona were there to support and get wet.. What fun..

Watch the replay and tell me if you can see GM's sheep skin noseband when he passed the post..

Over at Kempton The Edgar Wallace ran a fine race to finish second..

Shall we talk football.. A winning start in The World Cup..

Tuesday morning and Graham Potts our vet was in for his Tuesday visit.. Just back from a camping holiday Down Under..I know Graham is newly married, but he travelled a long way for a camping holiday..

This weeks movers and shakers in the BHA handicap charts are Bobhopeornohope down 1 to 139, Does He Know up 4 to 156, El Presente down 6 to 132, Getaweapon down 1 to 116, Imperial Aura down 3 to 140, Thruthelookinglass comes in at 112, Trelawne comes in at 124, Wandrin Star down 5 to 133.

Australia are flying in the 3rd ODI

No runners today.. But important to laugh..