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22nd February 2020

Plus 9 raining and very windy when driving in.

My comments about my runners were all well and good but yesterdays runner Donnie Brasco did not perform as he should have. The best turned out winner missed the break after a messy start and was never really happy after and finished a disappointing 6th.

The Tattersall’s Cheltenham Sales predictably were very strong. Evan Williams bought the top lot for Mr and Mrs Rucker.

Bloodstock agent Aiden Murphy and I failed at the auction, a couple of attempts of being under bidder but we did buy lot 45 Starvoski privately after the sale.

Starvoski who won her Irish point is now going to be trained here and now looking for an owner… A 5 year old who will be ready to crack on with after a few days of R&R with Jason Maguire..

David Bass was in this morning

Michael and Julia Holmes, Stewart and Jake Wright were here for a morning on the gallops and breakfast as booked through CD Tours.

James Bartlet plus 3 guests were also here for the same as booked through my web site.

Third lot Peter Jones was here to see his KBRP horses Yeavering Belle and The Dansart Gelding.

Paul and Sue Baker were here late morning to see their KBRP horses Design Icon and Voyburg.

We don’t have any runners this weekend. We had hoped to have had runners at Chepstow today and Hereford tomorrow..Both days lost to the weather!

Two Irishmen walk past a shop window with a sign in it that says, ‘Suits £2 Shirts £1.50!!!’

One Irishman nudges the other with excitement and says, “We are going to make our fortune here today”, and they enter the shop excitedly.

They walk up to the counter and one of the Irishmen says “Can we get 50 suits and 50 shirts please?”

The lady behind the counter looks at them with exasperation and asks, “You two boys over from Ireland?” They tell her that they are and ask her how she knows.

She says, “Because this is a dry cleaners”.

Have a good weekend and stay dry.

Finally happy birthday to Stevie Broadhouse.. Stevie who is my second travelling person is 25 today..