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25th May 2017

Plus 13 and dry when waking in Doncaster.

Yesterday was another hot day at Goffs Sales.. 24 degrees..That was the temperature, but the prices of horses reflected that too as the medium was up the best part of 50%


Aiden Murphy and I bought two horses .. Lot 417 and Lot.455A. two superstars? Ask me in a years time but they look pretty good at the moment.

A whole gang of us had supper in Bawtry last night taking Michael Dale out..Michael is retiring as a Director of Goffs in July and will be sorely missed..Top man and he has looked after us all so well for years..Happy retirement Michael, we will miss you..

Back to Goffs Sales today and the horses we are selling are Jimmy The Jetplane. Boy In A Bentley, Beyond Supremacy and Shaluna.. all are sound and will have other jobs in racing.

We have one runner this afternoon at Warwick; David Bass rides and for my thoughts on Derrintogher Bliss’s chances please click here.


The sport of choice for the urban poor is BASKETBALL.

The sport of choice for maintenance level employees is BOWLING

The sport of choice for front-line workers is FOOTBALL.

The sport of choice for supervisors is BASEBALL.

The sport of choice for middle management is TENNIS.


The sport of choice for corporate executives and officers is GOLF.

THE amazing fact is,

The higher you go in the corporate structure, the smaller your balls

There must be a boat load of people in Washington playing marbles.

Just in case you wanted to say something .. today is not my most favourite day of the year?