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23rd June 2022

Plus 15 when waking this morning, it's going to be warm one!

In case you missed it yesterday, Kim is away for a few days so I am doing my summer duties of holding the blog, please stop scrolling now and return on monday if you don't enjoy my writing. 

Summer time for the horses and summer time for me too as I only work three days a week in the office at the moment, this works well as I can do plenty more in my salon during the week. 

The yard deep clean is still chugging along, all barns have been completed now and if we are on schedule, theses stables will be back filled with fat, sleepy horses in two weeks time. 

I did the field rounds to check they were ok and take some pictures to cover the next few days. They are all looking so well but the flies are now starting to get annoying. 

The sales yesterday in Ireland saw the highest priced NH store sold this year.  I obviously had a joke with Kim as he was away we wouldn't have any purchases, he told me not to speak to soon but we have no new arrivals after yesterday.

I have a good few things to talk about but I think I'll keep it short today to stretch it out over the next few days!