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24th January 2020

Plus 5, foggy and dry when driving in.

Sadly the word Virus has taken over all the headlines.. Parts of China in lock down and now cases in Scotland..

Viruses are around all the time but this one looks a dangerous one judging by the reactions.. I just hope they can control before it mutates into something far worse.

Going round evening stables last night looking at our horses, they just look so well, and they are all behaving like over excited children when out at exercise..

More bloods and trachea washes taken this morning.

We had a routine Friday vet visit although not from Graham Potts who is helping out at the Tattersalls sales in Cheltenham.

We have a runner today.. we will be watching with huge interest to see how Sea Story runs. For my thoughts please click here.

Huntingdon is a racecourse I probably helps that I have had more winners there than at another racecourse..

Huntingdon too will be watching to see how racing goes as their last two meetings have been abandoned due to flooding.. well the brook had overflowed into the stable areas and weighing room.

Katie McGuirk and her husband, Marnel Waters and Paul Lewis were here this afternoon to visit Thorndale for the first time.

They are staying down for tomorrows Cheltenham races.. lets hope they stay another night and go racing at Cocklebarrow on Sunday.

Talking Cocklebarrow.. It is going to be a huge day there on Sunday as they have good ground and loads of runners. Racing starts early and there is plenty going on if you just want a day out in the country. Dont miss it..

As you can see from the photo on the right the Cheltenham Preview evenings are being planned again..

These preview evenings have become big business, and although I really don't enjoy doing them I do a couple for charity.

The Wellchild evening which is sponsored by Martin and Co was huge fun last year and I am sure it will be again this year. Click here for more details..

Maddie has been playing around with some of the pages on my web site.. more to follow in time..

Yesterdays question was an easy one as even Mat was on the button with his answers.. not before Charlotte Watson had sent hers in.

The question was.. 'Name 6 or more things that you can wear on your feet beginning with the letter 'S.''

Mats answers said a great deal about himself? Shoes, socks, Sandles, sneakers, sliders, stilletos..

One last one but this came from John Cootes..

Where is England do you get 4 tides each day?