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24th February 2022

Plus 3 apparently we are expecting snow.........

Not a great start to the morning for me as my car broke before even getting off my driveway! 

Yesterday was a brilliant day for the yard at Ludlow

Delighted with Mr Grey Sky, his owners Phil and Gill Andrews have had to be very patient since he showed plenty of promise in his bumpers but is putting it all together and progressing very well. He jumped brilliantly and was very impressive and will hopefully continue to improve.

Bobhopeornohope was really fresh and well, Gina Andrews gave him a perfect ride just letting the horse go and enjoy himself. He jumped fantastically, stayed on well and is also a promising progressive horse. A very good write up for owner John Perriss in todays post.

Starvoski unfortunatley failed to fire and it is back to the drawing board with her.

We send four to Huntingdon today Samatian, Balleticon, Galante de Romay and Lots of Luck and for our thoughts on their chances please Click Here.

The bright orange hurdle and fence boards are getting a facelift. Well a trial has been taking place to see whether changing the colour from Orange to White enables a horse to see them better......... the science seems to be there to back it up.

Also in the news..... 14 months is a very long time to loose your job, especially when battling an issue with alcohol.

That's all for today as i am late and ive got to make bacon sandwiches.