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24th February 2023

Plus 2 and dry when driving in.

We were slightly caught out this morning when Stacey, Matthew, Kim and Kevin Ireland appeared for a morning on the gallops and we did not have them in the diary!..Panic not .. sorted and I am sure they had a great morning?

The future of racing? We have a team of Cotswold Vale Pony Club members here third lot for a tour of the yard and a chat about racing and it’s future.. I wonder?
Robert and Nicola Baillie were here to see their KBRS horses Mikhailovich, Magical Escape and Isle Of Gold 
Talking KBRS we are sponsoring the first race at Warwick this afternoon.. the 'Join a Kim Bailey Racing Syndicate Hands and Heel’s handicap hurdle for Conditional and Amateur riders.. ''
We have a chance of winning our own prize money when our conditional jockey Kai Lenihan rides Design Icon and for my thoughts please click here..
Talking thoughts.. it is one of my (many?) bugbears that a conditional jockey can ride in this race having never ridden in a race before, but an Amateur rider has to have had at least 15 rides in point to points to qualify.. sorry but that is down right stupid.. 
How do Amateur jockeys like Lauren Keen Hawkins get going unless their parents are trainers or can afford to have several Point to points for their children to ride. There are plenty of examples riding today who have benefited..Bowen’s, Williams, Twiston-Davies’s, Gordon, McCain O’ Neill, Morgan just to name a few..
In Ireland all bumpers are ridden by Amateurs! The breeding ground of their jockeys..
Strong trade at Cheltenham Tattersalls sales for the right horses yesterday.
The second Test against New Zealand did not start well .. but it sure ended well!
Standard responses to "we were just talking about you!"
  • "I thought my ears were burning"
  • "nothing bad/all good I hope"
  • "oh god what have I done now?"
  • "it's not true!"
  • "this doesn't sound good"
  • "oh dear"
  • "I deny all accusations"
  • ‘’Oh yeah?’’