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23rd March 2016

Plus 6 and dry when driving in.

Exeter was not as far as Kelso, but without a winner which would you prefer to drive to?

Yes the ground was fast compared to what we have been running our horses on all winter and that was certainly very noticeable when watching the races..

Exeter have come in for stick over the winter for running races on bottomless ground when probably they should not have.. commerciality has crept in?

Anyway our two runners did not hit any jackpots. Mor Brook looked all over the winner turning in to the home straight and rather petered out; I am not sure he stayed the 3 miles... we will certainly drop him back in trip next time while Viaduct Jack was plain disappointing.

David Bass and Tom Bellamy were in this morning, as was John Perriss.

John was over to see his horses By The Boardwalk, Champagne To Go, Dueling Banjos Emily Gray, Sugar Loaf Sholto,The Drinkymiester and Penny’s Widow On The Run

We jumped Dueling Banjos, Sugar Loaf Sholto, Un Ace, Net Work Rouge, Such A Legend, Gaelic Myth, Abbreviate, Ballyknock Lad, Emily Gray, Milord and Younevercall. A video of the horses working can be seen here and the the schooling video here.

Margaret Carnell was here third lot to see her KBRP horse Our Belle Amie.

Headlines of todays Racing Post... ''Must Do Better..''

A first.. The BHA apologising for a botched handling of an investigation.

The BHA almost have you guilty before being charged approach.. As soon as they announce that they are investigating a case you are deemed guilty and that case can take well over a year to be sorted; while that is going on your career is on hold and your reputation is tarnished..  ask TNDGB..

Perhaps it's the world we live in .. you only have to ask Lord Bramall.. Having said all that the world we live in is not a happy place as we saw yesterday with the terrible bombings in Brussels.

We have three runners today. Texas Forever and Fizzy Dancer go to Haydock while Royal Supremo heads to Warwick. For my thoughts on their chances please click here.

Yesterday morning I was told a polo mint joke but I forgot the main line.

This is another one..

A Polo mint is sitting in the pub having a quiet pint with his mate, Trebor.

Suddenly, in walks Tune, who struts around the pub looking for a seat, but all the seats are taken.

He walks up to Polo, pushes him off the seat and sits down.

Polo walks out, followed by Trebor.

"What did you let him do that for?" Asks Trebor, "You don't want to let a mint like that push you about".

"Yeah!" says Polo, "But that's Tune, and I'm not going to upset him!".

"Why the hell not?" queries Trebor.

"Because he's Menthol".

To finish.. Happy birthday Ollie Sherwood..