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24th March 2017

Plus 4, windy and dry when driving in.

Ludlow was empty of runners but fairly busy with people. A charity day and the marquee was full. Apparently loads of good auction prizes and a great deal of money raised for a good cause. Good to see Virginia Johnson, Christopher Courage and John Webber amongst the guests.

Vernon Taylor hosted the ‘outsiders’ lunch. Vernon is one of the several forward thinking Directors of Ludlow (no list on their web site?) who have helped improve the racecourse with great prize money.. Vernon as you can imagine was far from happy with their horse numbers yesterday. Great prize money on offer again.

I drove the trailer and I went there to walk the course to see if Red Spinner could run. Run he did but not well enough, he finished 3rd beaten in a photo for second.

At Chepstow Cascaye also ran 'well enough' to finish 3rd and the form will work out well, while Braw Angus probably should have won but a moderate jump at the last scuppered his chances. The big disappointment of the day for us was Glenforde who ran a stinker. That was not right..

Third lot this morning we were busy..Vince Burmingham was here this morning to see his KBRP horses Milord who won this week at Taunton, Knockanrawley, Chateau Robin, Ascotdeux Nellerie and Silver Kayf.

Also here third lot were 16 people from Ascot Racecourse. It was their sponsors day out.. A visit here followed by lunch at The Wheatsheaf.. Something I will have to forgo as we have a runner at Newbury.

Talking Newbury I am there for two days. Tomorrow I am a guest on the Opening Show with Alice Plunkett and Luke Harvey on ITV and then racing.

Yes we have one runner today at Newbury and for my thoughts on Dueling Banjos chances please click here.

John’s email set of a few replies.

Here is one from another John..

Hi Kim

''Interesting to read today's blog but am a little worried that someone called John is no longer enjoying your daily blog.
As you are aware I have followed your early morning jottings since from the days of the BBC computer, Windows 95, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8 etc. through to the i-mac and i-pad etc.

While I'm not too sure about your wit!!  I am pleased to say, I still find your commitment to your daily blog rather exceptional. As nothing more than a fun punter, I find reading about the daily goings on in a horse racing stable increases my knowledge and understanding of a sport I very much enjoy.

Of course like most punters who back race horses I will always try to read between the lines and will mostly come unstuck when doing so! However, to have the opportunity to see (great photos) and read about the daily routine of running a horse training business is both interesting and informative.

To be able to read about the care and effort and the disappointments gives the blog reader a sense of connection with your runners. Other than being an owner I feel your blog offers your readers an opportunity to feel more connected to the sport we share.

Your commitment to getting your daily jottings available on-line so early each morning is a creditable achievement.Keep up the good work... onwards and upwards, its good to see how Thorndale has continued to grow.''

I am sure you have seen this but Liz Wills, who regularly reads the Daily Mirror, sent this clip over.. How to deal with Twitter abuse.. you should watch..