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24th March 2020

It was plus 1 and dry this morning.

Terribly hard to imagine that the world is falling apart when the sun is shining. But it is..falling apart and shining!

Boris is now in charge of our lives.. We are in total lock down..

IMPORTANT.. Have you lost your sense of smell and taste.. If so please click here..

Yesterday my MCC Members little red book arrived in the post.. Most years it is a joy to open the brown envelope as it heralds the start of summer. 

Bat on ball or leather on willow. What better way to spend a summers day than watching cricket at Lord’s. Sadly my little red book is now in my bottom draw and that is probably where it will stay for a while..And I am not putting it on Ebay!

So many things on hold and so many lives too..Who knows when we will start moving again and we have not even hit the peak of this dreaded virus or anywhere near it yet. That is if we take Italy as our example.

More sad news is that the world renowned Animal Health Trust is about to implode and pack up.

The Animal Health Trust was undoubtedly one of the finest veterinary institutions in the world.. It is where we sent all our difficult cases and usually they found an answer.

Sadly they have been losing money for some time and probably last years Equine Flu probably kept them afloat for longer than expected.

Now with Coronavirus (COVID-19) the hammer has hit the nail that holds down the coffin. 75 years of work and it is all over..

I fear this is a barometer of many business in racing.. How many trainers were struggling before this virus hit?

Sadly I fear many will not be here when racing resumes, although we might find that some trainers join forces with another and run under a racing banner like they do in Australia and other countries.

The Irish Flat racing season started at Naas yesterday.. without a bang. Frankly I am amazed that they even started.

Anyway I could not watch as my sky at home would not work.. too little broadband probably.. was it because Archie was working from home.. worth watching what school work means.

Tuesday, but no vet visit, although the weekly BHA handicap charts remind us that racing did actually take place over jumps in England last week.. This weeks mover and shaker was Pond Road who came down 1 to 94.. my last mover of the 2029/2020 season...

My Whatsapp messages have been pinging away.. No shortage of jokes and videos…Anyway thank you for them .. I will use when I feel appropriate..

Roger Hart must be bored as he has sent me this joke for todays publication..

The Pope, Donald Trump, Nicola Sturgeon, Boris Johnson and Greta Thunberg are the only passengers aboard a light plane taking them from a climate conference to the main airport when the pilot has a heart attack and dies.

None of them can fly the plane but Greta finds 4 parachutes in the rear of the plane.

The Pope immediately announces that his death would have catastrophic consequences for the Catholic Church, he grabs a parachute and jumps, Trump says his death could affect world peace and he has unfinished business with the Chinese ,he grabs a parachute and jumps.

Nicola Sturgeon announces she is the cleverest woman in Scotland and must be saved to lead the Scottish people in the fight for independence, she grabs a parachute & jumps.

Boris turns to Greta and says there is only one parachute and she should have it, she has many years ahead of her to fight climate change whilst he is much older and is tired of changing nappies.

Don’t worry says Greta there is a parachute each, the cleverest woman in Scotland took my school bag.

Lets keep smiling and please keep safe..

If you were paying for my racing insights please now stop.. Just think how much better off you will be!!

Yesterday I managed to wish one of my staff happy birthday a few days too soon.. I will try again.. Happy birthday to Lauren Hawkins..

Guy Rooker sent over this  suggestion for my how my staff should act in their Hostel