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23rd May 2016

Plus 5 and sunny when driving in.. 6 mm of rain overnight.

Well done Nam Hai. A winner on the flat at Nottingham yesterday with Willie Twiston Davies on board.

I was not at Nottingham as I had Harry, Pandora and Archie at home. A rare time when all three of my children were around. I also had a visit from potential new owners in the afternoon.

Cathy Twiston Davies was with us for lunch (Harrys Godmother) so we were able to scream at the TV when firstly Nam Hai and Willie were not looking too happy at the start and then when he arrived to take up the race too soon and then again when idling in front. In jest of course.. My last winner at Nottingham was over hurdles.. in fact the last hurdle race ever run at Nottingham.

David Cromton and Ken Gray are the two of ten part owners in This Horse Is Sale Partnership who own Nam Hai .. the other eight are owned by me..  8 shares for sale by the way.. Ring Peter Kerr for details...07901763643

At Newmarket on Saturday Forgotten Hero ran well to finish 4th. It was a slowly run race which did not help. A good run from both flat horses.

Newmarket is not a place I go racing very often let alone have runners there.. Even the lady on the gate, when Harry asked for a ticket, thought Kim Bailey was his mother not his much so that Harry had to ring me to verify and when passing over the phone with 'Dad' on the calling number she still did not believe..My gruff deep voice sorted..

Monday morning and more horses heading out to grass.

Ed Bailey was here to ride out. Ed who has been winning point to points this season and spent time over the winter with Paul Nicholls is also my Godson.. Lucky chap?

This week the Racing Post is highlighting the problem of staff shortages in the sport… Something I flagged up last year.

We are probably more than 500 staff members short which is bad news as most look after at least 4 horses.. 2000 horses

We have a permanent advert running looking for staff and I always try and carry one team member more that I should so that we are always fully staffed.

We also have a brand new hostel which is like a hotel which also helps..accommodation is a big issue....We are also close to Cheltenham for those big night outs..

It really is a big worry as I really don't know where the new staff are going to come from.

I take on work experience youngsters during the summer in the hope one or two might be tempted to join us in years to come.

Whatever this problem will not go away.. we are no different from farmers, hoteliers, restaurants.. you name them they are all looking for staff..

Have you noticed that every time you do something like visit a new garage to have your car serviced they send a questionnaire to see how satisfied you were with what they did for you..

An Airline introduced a special package for business men.

Buy your ticket and get your wifes ticket free.

After great success the Airline sent out letters to all the wives asking how was the trip.

All of them replied the same way… What trip?