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26th June 2019

Plus 14 when driving in and still pretty miserable to be honest!

Sorry for the delay in the blog this morning, we seem be having issues with the internet. I have to say I do not recommend Gigaclear internet. They promise a faster more reliable service for rural areas but yet it always seems to be down!

Internet is not the only little issue we have going on here, we had repeating power cuts yesterday and little fly infestation! 

Anyway not much to tell with regards to the yard, I can hear the strimmer out on the yard so that seems to be keeping people busy, atleast it has stopped raining. I did hear yesterday that we are apparently getting a heat wave this weekend!

Peter and Matt were treated to lunch yesterday by owner Alan James who came to see his horses.  

The biggest store sale of the year starts today in Ireland. By store I mean 'unbroken 3 year old horses' .

Tattersalls Derby Sale.. Judging by past sales this is going to explosive.

Yesterday I mentioned the new youngsters Kim purchased over the summer, Matt sent through these pictures of them looking well.