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23rd July 2018

Plus 16 and dry when driving in.

Very warm last night..Are we really in for a hotter week.. ?

Great sport on TV yesterday. Lewis Hamilton’s drive was exceptional to win the German Grand Prix.. You need luck and a bit of something we don’t have too often  i.e. rain arrived to help his cause.

The Golf was certainly interesting especially when Tiger took the lead; sadly he then fluffed his lines.. it was still some last round with so many vying for the lead.. No American winner but a steady eddie in an Italian in Francesco Molinari

Monday morning and a new week..

It brings diggers and equipment from Andrews Bowen to start refurbishing and virtually replacing our gallop. Everything is coming the actress said to the bishop!!

The six inches of sand and rubber surface and then the 4 inches of tarmac.

We hope the stone underneath we hope is still in a good place to remain untouched; if so then new tarmac can go on top followed by the new surface.

To give you an idea of what a gallop is made dig a 18inch trench, fill it with 10 inches of hard washed stone and drainage, top that with 4 inches of prorous tarmac and then on top of the tarmac lay the 6 inches of all weather surface which is a waxed sand and rubber mix..Then you have an all weather gallop...

You might ask why tarmac.. Well the options are a membrane or tarmac..

A membrane sits between the stone and the all weather surface and stops stones coming up and sand blocking the drainage in the stone.. Tarmac does the same and providing it is put on so that it is porous it is far better.

The big difference is that with a membrane you could easily touch it with the Oden Gallop Master that levels the gallop.. if that membrane is broken and pulled up then you really do have huge problems and the gallop can quickly become unusable..

Tarmac means that you can get away with touching it..It is a more expensive option but sadly one that is safer long term.

NCCR interview.. I was interviewed by Peter Lewis.. for a racing programme that goes out sometime in September...

Henry Kimbell was here late morning to see Another Venture.. Henry runs the Racing For Maggies racehorse partnership..

Bookseller conducting a market survey asked a woman: “Which book has helped you most in your life?”

The woman replied, “My husband’s check book!!”

A prospective husband in a book store: “Do you have a book called ‘Husband – the Master of the House?’”

Sales girl: “Sir, fiction and comics are on the 1st floor!”

Someone asked an old man: “Even after 70 years, you still call your wife – darling, honey, luv.  What’s the secret?"

Old man: “I forgot her name and I’m scared to ask her."