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24th August 2020

Plus 12 and dry when driving.

It has become very autumnal all very quickly.

Uttoxeter Saturday.

It took a while to get there as the M5/M6 was solid traffic.. I turned round and headed across country.. Traffic levels back to pre lockdown..

Firstly a big well done to the racecourse, as after all the flack they recieved for their owner experience from this quarter and others, they have listened, and on Saturday all the owners I spoke to seemed very happy with what was on offer..They are trying.. other raceourses are too I have to say.

Secondly Illuminated Beauty ran a vastly better race to finish 3rd.. Exaggerated waiting tactics... not something David Bass is know for, but they nearly worked… David arrived on the scene too soon.. next time he will I am sure wait longer..?

Station Master ran a better race too and although he finished 5th he was not beaten that far.

Yesterday it was an early start taking Grey Flint, Grey Felix, Shinobi and Shantou Express to Lambourn for an away day.

The two Greys have only been in a horsebox once before in their life and that was when they arrived here, so for them it was a special day out..One they enjoyed..the next one will be when they go racing… Shantou Express and Shinobi will be running within the next two weeks all being well; in fact all four should be.

Ian and Tocky McKie called in yesterday morning to see their mare Yeavering Belle.. They have leased YB to the KBRP The Belle Stars and what fun they have had too with this pocket rocket.. 4 wins from 7 starts..

Sunday afternoon was spent watching Archie play cricket in Cirencester.. they won.. Lets hope England do the same..

Our local farmers were hard at work on their combines until very late last night. The local farmers are having a torrid time with a huge amount of harvest to cut and the forecast of more rain.. So much of their uncut wheat has gone black.

Monday morning and very fresh horses.

I have a zoom meeting with the committee members of the RSA late morning which judging by the last one, will be a long one..

We have one runner today at Southwell.. Dansant Express heads there and for my thoughts on his chances please click here.

Shanacoole Prince and Equus Dreamer returned to Thorndale after a month of pre training in Shropshire with Philip Rowley

Students in an advanced Biology class were taking their mid-term exam. 

The last question was, 'Name seven advantages of Mother's Milk.'  The question was worth 70 points or none at all. 

One student was hard-put to think of 7 advantages.  He wrote:

1)  It is the perfect formula for the child.

2)  It provides immunity against several diseases.

3)  It is always the right temperature.

4)  It is inexpensive.

5)  It bonds the child to mother and vice versa.

6)  It is always available as needed. And then the student was stuck.  Finally in desperation, just before the bell rang to end the test, he wrote:

7)  It comes in two attractive containers and it's high enough off the ground where the cat can't get to it.

He got an A grade.

Todays non virus video nasty..