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24th August 2023

Plus 17 when driving in..

Thank you all to those who donated to Peter's Just Giving Page. 

We have just over 2 weeks to go until National Racehorse Week...we are opening our doors to the public on Saturday 9th September from 12pm - 2pm. 

We have one runner today at Stratford. You can hear my thoughts here  

Luke and Sharon Cooper were in third lot to see their unamed KBRS horse Jack Hobbs x Miss Mobot.

Charly Bond has been a great asset to the team since she joined as head girl in June read a little more about her..

1. Favourite horse at Thorndale

Bobhopeornohope and Undercover Lover!

2. Do you have any horses of your own? 

I have two youngsters...a 3 year old TB that i recently broke in myself and a buckskin ID x yearling filly who I will also break in myself in a couple of years.

3. If you weren't involved in racing, what else would you do? 

Something equally rewarding and demanding. I thrive on always being busy and being pushed to the limit. Perhaps I would have given breaking and pre-training ago.

4. Best thing about working at KBR?

Definitley the team we have and obviously getting to see the results of our hard work. 

5. What does your job entail?

Assisitng Mat in keeping the yard running as smoothly as possible with the staff and horses, doing all the medications and feeding as well as vet, farrier and physio visits to name a few.