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23rd October 2017

Plus 10 and dry when driving in.

Bloody dark first thing and first lot. This time next week it will be lighter.. Clocks change.. Winter will then really be here.

Monday morning but we worked Alfies Choice and Rockys Treasure.

Martyn and Sandra Steer Fowler called in at 9.30 to say hello. No horses here at the moment and they are missing us..

David and Julie Martin were here late morning to see their horses Charbel, Johnny Ocean and The Black Sam Bellamy gelding they bred. Forgotten Hero who is their other horse has been retired and is now looking for a good non racing home.. . Their horses cantered and we discussed their racing plans over lunch at The Green Dragon.

Retiring racehorses and looking for good homes is not easy, but we do pride ourselves on finding good homes for our retiring racehorses.. They so deserve a good home after all they have done for us. As I  mentioned we are looking to rehome Forgotten Hero so please get in touch if you are looking for a ex racehorse to have fun with ..

Peter Bennet-Jones called in late morning to see his Racing For Maggies horses Another Venture and Biscuit

Champions day at Ascot on Saturday was a joy to watch. Cracking good racing and the ITV team really were good at showing the days best points. Yes ITV Racing have done our sport proud.

My Travelling head girl Leigh Pollard is back...Yes here it is.. Leigh's blog..

''The racing is picking up again and I am out around four or five times a week now. I have clocked up some miles this week too!

Most of the racecourses I have been to so far this season have not changed since I was last there, although the water pressure at Huntingdon seemed to have improved!

This week however has taken me to courses we don't often go to. Carlisle on Thursday, an easy course to get to, once you have negotiated 5 hours of motorway that is! It is a friendly welcoming course, with large stables and washdown bays (with warm water). They also provide the stable staff with a free meal, and there are rooms in the hostel that staff can use to freshen up and change in. This is a nice touch and makes people that have made a long journey more welcome. I think there are a few more trips to Carlisle on the cards this season and I look forward to going back there.

Fakenham on Friday. It takes nearly as long to get there as it does to Carlisle! There are no motorways and lots of roundabouts, meaning you can't rush in a horsebox. It's a nice course when you get there, a little rustic but welcoming. The washdown boxes could use a little more pressure though! Also the meals are the same price as the burger vans on the course, maybe they could provide a few cheaper options?

Finally Wolverhampton on Saturday night. Fortunately the weather was not too bad and I was actually relived to be there rather than Ffos Las! Wolverhampton is not a bad place to be, the stable yard is nice and has warm powerful water and the food in the canteen is homemade. True, it's not the best place to be on a Saturday night but it is not the worst. Also the sand is much easier to clean that wet mud!!

Another potentially busy week next week and possibly a trip to Cheltenham; lots to look toward to!''

A naughty one for Monday..