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23rd November 2016

Plus 5 and dry when driving in. It looks like storm Angus and his friends have finished with us..

No David Bass this morning. He is still in hospital and awaiting further tests to see what is happening. Poor chaps face is so swollen that the doctors are waiting for it to return to normal before deciding what to do.

Anyway we worked a few and a video can be viewed here.

My schooling fences are currently being rebuilt. This is something we do usually in October but as the leaves have taken so long to fall off we are a month later this year. You don't want bushy birch stuffing in a fence.

Second lot this morning Norman Carter was here to see his horse Sunblazer and his KBRP horse Milord while third lot Richard Laws and Garry Tardi were here to see their horse Nicely Indeed.

We have a couple of runners today at Hereford. Rocky's Treasure and Grand March.. a big day for both and for my thoughts please click here.

All this rain has started thoughts of Knockanrawley and Harry Topper. Both are well and on target for a return in December. Both horses are entered in the Welsh Grand National.. early days yet but that is still the plan.

A bit of a brain teaser for you today.

Look at the picture on the right

Right or Left Brain

This is so neat.  You really have to concentrate to see the actual picture.

If you see the girl sitting and boy with his arms around her neck, then you are left brain.

Look again.

For in reality it's just the opposite.

Then make the right brain work and you will see that it's the boy who is sitting and wearing a black polo.

The girl has her arms around the neck of the boy and wearing blue jeans!

Not convinced about this then who has hair on his arms and legs?

We all have two cerebral hemispheres that constantly interact but each have specific functions.

The left hemisphere breaks down problems and analysis.

The right hemisphere is interested in everything and innovates.

The ideal is to foster communication between the two brains.

But due to our education, or our temperament, we sometimes leads to favour one of these two areas.

This predominance determine different ways of thinking about life.

Strange isn't it?