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23rd November 2018

Plus 3 and dry when driving in.

Black Friday.. A day when you can buy at a reduced price?

Racing UK are on offer as saying that you can pay £10 per month for an entire year which includes all Irish racing in 2019.. I must cancel my current contract and reapply.. I have 4 accounts with them …

Hes No Trouble and Early Learner had an away day.

John and Veronica Full  were here third lot to see their KBRP horses Blazon, Royal Supremo, Peeping Tom and Shantou Express and their Racing For Maggies horse Another Venture and also Miss Gemstone who they share with Sandra Steer-Fowler.

Clipping horses can be a dangerous job as sadly Rosie Adlington-Hill, who clips all ours, found out this week to her cost.. Rosie was head butted by a horse she was clipping and ended in Gloucester Hospital .. She is fine, but she needed 23 stitches..and now a headache..

A vet was in mid morning..

A sunny morning yesterday meant that I was able to update some of the photos of horse on my horse in training page..

As Mike Horne says.. the old ones are always the best…

Pam Am Pilot says to passengers ‘hello people we're dropping into Kennedy hope you had a good flight, Gooday.’

(forgetting to turn the mike off)

He turns to his co pilot, Al, "what you doing when we land"

Al says "I'm for a bath and bed....what you doing "

"The first thing I'm gonna do is have a crap ,and then I'm gonna fling ma leg over that air hostess sittin in the back end of this aircraft"

At hearing this the air hostess runs down to the front of the plane but is stopped by an old lady who says..

"don't be in a hurry love, he ain't had a crap yet"