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23rd December 2016

Plus 5 and dry when driving in.

David Bass and Tom Bellamy were in this morning. Not sure if they were at ‘The Lesters’ last night but as David does not drink I am sure he would have been able to drive home happily?

We worked a few this morning as our normal work morning tomorrow is a pretty chaotic. The Cotswold Hunt hold their Christmas Eve meet here..We need to get the whole string out by 10.15..

We jumped first lot Charbel, Derrintogher Bliss and Monkhouse.. it was very dark. Second lot we jumped Minella Warrior, Mr Brinkley, Vital Evidence, Cascaye and Jupiter's Gift and a video of them schooling can be seen here.

Boxing Day declarations by 10 this morning are always fairly fraught but this year it looks easy enough from here as we are likely to be at two meetings only. Huntingdon and Sedgefield.

We are very much waiting for Storm Barbara.. Will she bring rain for Chepstow I wonder? Needed..

Paul Sims called in mid morning with his sister Ange to see his KBRP horse Fifty Bob.

Sad to read that John Buckingham has died.

Johnny was for ever known for the Foinavon Grand National. An epic story all round. He was a special man and for the last 30 odd years he was a jockeys valet and was always there for any young jockey starting out; he would help them through the pitfalls of the weighing room. A lovely kind man.

English v Australian justice.... 

BHA or Racing NSW...

Jim Best or James McDonald.

Christmas shopping yesterday.. Never my favourite day out

Clare and I were busy shopping in Cheltenham.
When Clare suddenly noticed that I was missing so she called me on my mobile, " Where are you?  you know we have so much to do"

I said, "You remember Martins the  jewellers.. we went in there about 5 years ago, and you fell in love with that diamond necklace. I could not afford it at the time and I said that one day I would get it for you.

Little tears started to flow down Clare’s cheek and she got all choked up; "yes, I do remember that shop" she replied...

"Well I’m in the pub next to that."

Have a great day and see you tomorrow..Our staff party tonight.. Drinks and food at Harry Cooks followed by 21Club..Sore heads tomorrow…

The old ones are always the best..