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24th January 2023

Minus 7 and dry when driving in..Another cold start to the day and no jump racing today..

I saw more gritters on the roads yesterday than I have all year..

No vet visit this morning.. Coming tomorrow.

This weeks movers and shakers in the BHA handicap charts was Pay The Pilot down 2 to 108...

Good to see Ginny Thompson (now Thomeson) back in the yard last night.. Top NZ event rider is our Ginny.. she comes over and schools a few for us and yesterday she was back on her old mate First Flow..

Today we have another bout of early closing entries for Cheltenham.. Do I enter a horse rated 125 in the Albert Bartlett Novice hurdle incase it improves and it comes up heavy??

I left Thorndale mid morning to meet up and chat to Adam Henson on Countryfile.

Adam and co are filming at Jason Maguire's Ivy Lodge Farm and I will extolling the benefits of using the water treadmill and what it does for our horses etc.. The programme will probably appear just before the Cheltenham Festival..

If you bought an advance eTicket to Cocklebarrow Races on 22nd Jan, you are entitled to free entry on Sunday 29th January, however your ticket cannot be scanned twice, so if you attended yesterday’s event, you should email to obtain your complimentary ticket for this coming Sunday. 

If you would like to come along and do not have an eTicket , you can buy one online for this coming Sunday ( 

Trainer Milton Bradley has died.. A good local trainer .. especially of sprinters.

Harry Wallace sent over the photo of him winning a Gold Medal in the Army and Navy Telemark Championships.. Many congratulations Harry.. Tough task, but thanks for wearing your Kim Bailey Racing and Dodson and Horrell sponsored fleece! A first?

Harry was a former Commanding Officer of The Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery.. He also rode Savant Bleu to win the Royal Artillery Gold Cup for us.

A blonde woman is driving down the road. She notices that she's low on gas, so she stops at a gas station.

While she's pumping her gas, she notices that she locked the keys in the car. So when she goes inside to pay, she asks the attendant for a hanger so that she can attempt to open the door herself.

She returns outside and begins to jimmy the lock. Ten minutes later, the attendant comes out to see how the blonde is faring.

Outside the car, the blonde is moving the hanger around and around while the blonde inside the car is saying, "A little more to the left...a little more to the right!..."