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25th January 2023

Plus 1, foggy and dry when driving in.

It hardly thawed here yesterday.. plus 4 or 5 was the warmest it rose to, infact it was minus 2 when I left here last night..The grass is rock solid still..

An enjoyable hour or so with Jason Maguire and Adam Henson filming horses on the water treadmill at Ivy Lodge..The Countryfile programme should come out on the Sunday night before the Cheltenham Festival..

The first day of a two day sale at Goffs yesterday..Mares and foals.. today it is Pointers and Horses in Training.

David Bass and Ciaran Gething were in this morning to ride out.

Michael and Mary Dulverton were here third lot to see their horses.. Arctic Saint, Happygolucky, Heros De Romay, Idamix, Kyntara, Sandmartin and Sayadam.

We had a vet visit.

Mundane things like the Horse walker being serviced today and a new gear box.. More costs!

Yes we use a mechanical horse walker.. In the US they have Mexicans who are called horse walkers... ??!!

No racing again today for us as Warwick was an early abandonment.. Catterick goes ahead though.

Djokovic plays Rublev....Australian Open

Burns night..

My Scottish team led by Lauren Jack will I am sure will be celebrating?

Maître d'hôtel: 'Are you here for a special occasion?'

Campbell: 'Aye, we won the third prize in the annual Robert Burns Contest, a haggis dinner for two.'

Maître d'hôtel: 'What were the other prizes?'

Campbell: The second prize was a single haggis dinner, and, if you won the first prize, you didnae have to eat the haggis.'