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25th March 2020

Minus 1 and dry first thing this morning.

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year, so far.. Heat apparently kills the virus? I think not, judging by the countries worst affected.

I am going to try and do my blog today without a mentioned of the word Virus again… Trainers hate that word anyway….

This country is now on lock down due to COVID-19 (didn’t take long) and although Mat walks to the yard, I still drive..The fact that Mat (my assistant) lives far closer to Thorndale than I do, is my excuse.

Mat is still waiting for his newly ordered mountain bike to arrive which will apparently help his exercise routine..

My exercise remains on my static bike at home..normally I do 45 minutes a day (about 10 miles) but now I have doubled it by doing two sessions..I think that is called pent up frustration?

I don’t trust the roads, and especially the pot holes as they become magnetic.. But the good news is that I pedal with a TV in full view in our spare least I can find something suitable to amuse me for the duration…. while sweating of course.

Yesterday afternoon I rather guiltily broke the Governments new laws by driving to the far side of Banbury to meet up with Sandie, ( my accounts secretary) who was working from home..There was a perfectly good reason, and that was.. cash..

Before you misjudge me, let me explain..My longest serving member of staff is still paid in cash...

Working on the theory that we are going to be in a lockdown situation for quiet a while longer, and knowing that neither Sandie or will I would be able to, or want to go into a town to go to a bank. I felt it prudent that the cash Sandie withdrew last week needed collecting before too late.. 10 weeks of wages.. It had to be done..

What surprised me most on my journey to and fro was the beauty of our countryside.. so normal..

Farmers sowing their crops and all the things that normally happen in the countryside.. Sadly I normally fail to notice as my right foot is usually hard down on the pedal, as I am always late to the races.

The journey yesterday passed by relaxed and peacefully..and under the speed limit..

I even thought about calling in on my largest owner (numerically) as I passed the sign for the village of Sidford Ferriss..

Sadly I felt that neither John Perriss or I were really ready to sit outside throwing bottles of wine at each other while keeping the 2 meter rules of self distancing..

Instead I called in on Maddie (my PA), who was also working from home in Naunton, to pick up a large package of sanitiser hand wash for my staff.

Yes that was yesterday..

Today is a new day and as yet I have no idea what is in store for me…

Normally David Bass would be in this morning, being Wednesday, and we would be working horses with Peter Kerr videoing..

2 weeks ago today none of us felt that well, bar David Bass who apparently does not drink.. Imperial Aura’s celebrations were held in The Royal Oak the night before.. Feels like 2 years ago, not 2 weeks..

Time moves on..

I would like to wish two of my closest mates well after their cancer ops .. One yesterday and one today..One in Oxford and one in London... Be positive and stay well my friends..

Important to look to the future in these uncertain times..Vinndication..

To finish.. Flat racing in Ireland has predictably finished.. And at the moment Racing TV are offering to help on you prescription.. Not sure that makes sense but this will