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24th May 2019

Plus 6 and dry when driving in.

Back in the office after a few days away up at Doncaster. There always seems to be a mountain of post to deal with.. mostly rubbish?.

Rubbish .. Not Goffs sales this week.. Strong trade and some huge prices. It is hard to explain how and why the prices for jumpers just seem to get bigger and the trade stronger especially in light of a downward drift in prize money.  Records  have been regularly shattered all year.

Top price yesterday was £620,000.00 for Interconnected… Yes an all time record!

My two horses did not break any records as Alfie Corbitt made £13,000.00 and heads to Suffolk to go pointing while Early Learner felted £2000.00 and sadly I am not sure where she is going, but eventually off to stud.

Back home and Johnny Burke was in this morning; we jumped Mergeela, Yeavering Belle , Royal Supremo and Arthurs Sixpence on the all weather.

The art of auctioneering is a difficult one as you have to be quick witted and observant and good at remembering your bids..

One of the original investors and partners in Doncaster Sales, which is now Goffs UK, was a wonderful man called Kenneth Oliver. A legend and a fine auctioneer with a gravelly deep voice..

Ken was known for his wit and sharpness when doing his job.. he knew his clients which again is important when the hammer falls..

Some years ago he knocked a horse down to a lady sitting in the second row and not recognising her he went to switch off the mike to tell his assistant where to go to find this said lady so that she could sign for the horse....

he turned to him and said ..

'The lady in the second row who looks like a hippopotamus…''

Sadly the mike switch was missed and his deep voice filled the sales ring..