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25th July 2022

Plus 15 and dry when driving in.

Talking driving.. Archie has his first driving lesson today, so it you are in the Cheltenham area after 5pm look out!.. Hopefully, with the help of an instructor he will drive considerably slower than he bowls.. Otherwise he would be well above the speed limit.. even on a motorway!

Sadly Tantoli is heading to a new life away from racing..So frustrating, but I fear he is one of those proverbial pigeon catchers or morning glories…. His owners have been hugely patient, but yesterdays performance at Uttoxeter sadly confirmed that racing was not for him..

Tantoli is a very good looking horse who Hen Knight described as a stunning when she had him recently.. He will find a very good and rewarding new life away from the racecourse. Sadly very tough on his owners..

This last week we have had three guest bloggers and all three have been excellent and judging by the feedback, their contributions were very warmly received…

All different and although David Bass pre-empted Mat’s tirade about the whip we did learn that Mat found chicken on the menus at Prithvi.. He must have brought his own in .. anyway he said he enjoyed the experience.. you would, as it is normally excellent...

As yet I have not heard from Nick Cook or David Loyd as to what they thought of Prithvi, it was on my recommendation that they visited Cheltenhams finest restaurant while they were umpring at the Cheltenham Cricket Festival..

Talking guest bloggers I am very keen to open the platform up. So if you are interested in hosting a guest blog do let me know.. I know we did a bit of this during lockdown but is it good to read others thoughts on racing..Not TNDGB's!

Time for a new mobile as my old one has too small a memory.. All the videos we do on the horses have eaten away the memory.

On Saturday morning I was deleting videos like fury as my phone would not take anymore as its memory was full.. I deleted myself from groups by mistake and then I more or less threw it away in frustration..

Anyway with the help of Maddie my new iPhone should appear here later.. the dreaded job of moving everything across will obviously need Maddie’s help!!

Who thinks of this?

Which letter is silent in the word "Scent," the S or the C?

Do twins ever realize that one of them is unplanned?

Why is the letter W, in English, called double U? Shouldn't it be called double V?

Maybe oxygen is slowly killing you and It just takes 75-100 years to fully work.

Every time you clean something, you just make something else dirty.

The word "swims" upside-down is still "swims"

100 years ago everyone owned a horse and only the rich had cars. Today everyone has cars and only the rich own horses.

To finish.. Happy birthday to my recently engaged goddaughter Anna Sherwood..