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25th October 2019

Plus 8 when driving in

It's Friday which for most of us means the final work day of the week, thankfully our hard working staff carry on behind the scenes and keep the show on the road. 

Stevie Broadhouse and Ned Curtis will be leaving later to head up to Kelso with our Saturday runner Dandy Dan.

Matt has taken Subway Surf, El Presente, Prince Llywelyn and Red River over to Lambourn this morning.

Steve Adams was here second lot to his KBRP horses Pond Road and Silver Kayf.

The first Cheltenham meeting is upon us with The Showcase today and tomorrow. They will also be showing the rugby in the Centaur before racing too.

We have one runner there today and for our thoughts on Minella Warrior's chances please click here.

Arn't we lucky to have great manager Peter Kerr running all our syndicates some are not so fortunate.......

 Saw this on Facebook and they always make me laugh when they create these!!