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24th November 2017

Plus 2 and dry when driving in.

The BHA have got their knickers in a twist now that they have lost the anti doping appeal against Philip Hobbs.

I believe it was right that the disciplinary panels original decision was upheld. This case will probably open up some intersting discussions ..this result must help Hughie Morrison with his impending case.

Please don’t misunderstand me but I am totally against any form of doping, but there are times when we really dont have control.

Stable staff with medical conditions and on prescribed drugs can relieve themselves in a stable;  a horse eats some straw which has been contaminated and boom the trainers loses his right to train..I am afraid that is how difficult it is to control.

Further more we allow and encourage owners and their friends to come and see their horses in the yard and I am always being asked if they can give their horses a polo.. should I now say no as that polo could well be contaminated by something that is already in that persons pocket..

Yes trainers keep strict records on what drugs and medication we give to our horses, but as with the case of Philip Hobbs, who had kept immaculate records, a horse in his care was still found to have cetirizine (antihistamine) in its system and there is no way of finding how it arrived.

Trainers are held to account by what happens out of our sight and the BHA are going to try and find a way of making sure we are totally responsible.. Sadly it will mean we will have to change and perhaps not allow open days to the general public for the obvious reasons that we cannot see what is going on with every horse.

Friday morning and the Ashes in full swing. A finely poised game

This morning Jude Ponting came with her father, Colin and her niece, Laura for a tour of the yard and breakfast.

We have one runner today at Catterick. Thumb Stone Blues who needs good ground, a left handed track and three miles heads there and for my thoughts on his chances please click here.

Black Friday.. My inbox is collapsing with offers..

The four most beautiful words in our common language: 
I told you so.